In ancient times, the continent of Sura was home only to the dwarves and halflings. It was then, at the beginning of the Current Era, that the elves, along with the gnomes, arrived on ships from lands afar. Shortly after, a race of humans, predecessor to both the Na’ari and the Tallans, arrived upon the northern shores. They brought new technologies into the magic-less age, and brought Sura out of its tribal past. With the arrival of these newcomers, the natives were removed from their nature worship and brought to the attention of the Gods: Ari god of Light, Thuun goddess of knowledge, and Resha god of trickery and reveling. As the centuries past, each race adopted one of the god’s as its patron, save the halflings who remained loyal only to nature. The dwarves took reverence to Ari, the elves to Thuun, and the gnomes to Resha. The humans who followed the light of Ari separated from their brethren, traveling over the mountains and beginning a City of Light, Za’ari. The Tallans, however, stayed in their original lands, exploring the seas and embracing the teachings of Thuun. With the introduction of the divine, and the many blessings they gave to their followers, a new era of peace was created which smothered the tensions that were so prevalent in the First Years after the new arrivals.

In a time not long past, the time of peaceful renaissance of Sura was shattered. The cause is beyond mortal understanding, and if the Gods know, they are keeping their silence. A large maelstrom of power appeared on the horizon to the north, hovering above the surface of the ocean, churning the waters below it. The maelstrom writhes through all the colors of the spectrum, and taints the wind that it sends out into the world with multiple hues at once. From the maelstrom arcane magics seeped into the world, altering those exposed to such its elements. In the short one hundred years since its appearance the Tallan, who are closest to its magics, have altered. They have become leaner and more compact, with a penchant for strange occurrences in their bloodlines. This, combined with the tanned skin they have earned from a life at sea, makes it hard to view them as decedents from the same humans as the bulky Na’ari. Sheltered from the altering currents by the dwarves’ mountains, the small folk have remained mostly untouched by the winds, though some gnomes have tried to harness its powers. The dwarves, for their part, managed to stay unchanged by virtue of the mountains they live in, as the stone is very resistant to alteration. Those few dwarves who lived above ground, already outcasts and oddities to their kin, have altered, preferring to live in the cold peaks of the mountains. They live wrapped in furs of the beasts there, practicing the sorcery given to them from the maelstrom. The elves, with the blessing of Thuun, have managed to harness this power, not in the haphazard way of the gnomes, but in a practiced, controlled fashion. Rather than let themselves be altered by the magics they channel the power through blessed tomes that are thought to have originated from Thuun herself.

But the magic has done much to Sura, the beasts and savage humanoids have stirred from the peace of the Current Era and have begun to ravage the land. Where the races had before intermingled, not caring for boundaries, they now withdraw to harshly defined boarders, protecting what little of their nations they can. Tensions underlie the everyday lives of the people of Sura, trouble is brewing…

Twisting Winds

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